October 13, 2011

How-to Open and Eat a Pomegranate

  First, use a knife to carefully cut the top off. The best way to do this is run a knife through the layer of skin as if cutting the peel of an orange.

Once cut all the way around, remove this part.

Do the same for the bottom. Not every part of the skin has to be removed.

If you look at the top of a pomegranate, you'll see that there are distinct sections seperated by a thin white film of skin. Cut through the skin at each of these sections.

Next, grab a section and pull it apart. It's now ready to eat!

You can either softy break off the ariels (doing such under running water makes it a little bit faster!) or eat it straight off of the rind. I do it this way, but my dog has a harder time with it. All in all, this is a quick way to get to the juicy good bits, without being messy!

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